Saturday, March 6, 2010

About my family

Hm... What should I post for this time... Maybe I should introduce my family members. I have 6 family members in my house which is me, father, mother, younger brother and 2 younger sisters. We live at Skudai, Johor since May 2001. First I would like to introduce my father. His name is Abdul Aziz b Ewab. My father is very nice person and caring. He also happy good lucky man even sometimes he get mad at me and my siblings. He never scolded us without any reason. If we do anything wrong, then he will mad us. It is because, he want us to be a good person in the future. My father also is a hardworking person. He never tired whatever he do for his family. Many people like to friend with him because my father is a friendly person. I love him so much. Thank you dad for everything, I really appreciate it.

My Lovely Dad

I love my mom too. Her name is Radziyah bt Husin. She is the best women ever that I meet. She also my best friend. I always tell my problem at her. She always give support to me whatever I do. She said 'the best for me is the best for her too'. She is caring, patient person, good-hearted and friendly. My mother is friendly person just like my father. Actually, I love my mother cooking very much. I like 'mee soto' that my mom make because that is the best 'mee soto' that I ever eat. Hm... miss her cooking very much. She always advice me to be a good person. Which mom didn't want to see her child succeed right. Hm... Actually there are many more that I want to tell about my mother. But it's ok, I will tell more about her later, Insyallah..

My Lovely Mom

Ok... let me proceed my post with introduce my siblings. I have 4 siblings which is I'm the first one from the fourth. My youngest brother is Mohd. Arif, which is 18 years old. He is only man in my siblings. He is a good person but sometimes he do something without thing about it first. I also have 2 younger sisters which is Nur Arina, 15 years old and Nur Aliah, 9 years old. Both of them are cute person. Hm... they like to play game and watching DVD. If you all want to know, if they like one movie, they will repeatedly watch that movie untill they memorize the script. That is my sister. Maybe one day they can be actress like Erra Fazira or director like Mamat Khalid. Insyallah .Hm... I think that's all for my post about my family. Sorry if my english is not to good like others OK...

1 Boy and 2 Girls

I love my family very much. They are my inspiration. Whatever we do,
about our family image first especially our parents. They put a high
level of hopes
on us and they want us successful in life. OK... Assalamualaikum...

My Lovely Parents

One Happy Family :-)


liyana said...

Family??? uh... I like... It can tell us how much that we love our family.. For me, family are everything.. Some people think that family are not important for them.. They think that their friend or dating are more than thier family. Uwh.. wrong.. We can think carefully. Without our parents, who us right now??? We are suppose thankful that we are born at this time...

kieyjejung said...

Alhamdullilah... 1 big happy family... We suppose should thankful that we have a family... :-D